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Los Altos Institute is an organization whose leadership comprises three groups of active members: (1) a board of directors, dealing with both long-term policy and administration of the institute, (2) an academic board associated with the journal that will help to review submissions and ensure that they meet standards of rigorous engagement with both evidence and current scholarship, (3) a group of fellows, supported in their research by the academic board. Fellows are currently unremunerated but will receive Institute resources to assist with their research.

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Los Altos is now accepting donations to support our work. If you enjoy our publications and public presentations, please consider making a donation. Our membership and funding structure are currently under review. While we work to set up a PayPal account, we are accepting good old fashioned cheques mailed to our physical address, payable to “Los Altos Institute.”

Contact for more information on subscribing to our online and print publications or for any other contribution related inquiries.