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Our Publications

Los Altos Institute is currently collecting submissions for its first edited collection of articles, slated for publication in January 2015. Selected chapters from the journal will be made available for viewing on the LAI web site in 2013 and 2014 in preparation for a two-volume collection on the themes of empire and public education.

Submissions from both within and outside of state-sponsored and accredited institutions will be accepted on two main topics, although submissions on other topics will be considered.

Education: Students, educators, interested citizens and governments often describe a deterioration or even crisis in public education. Articles are welcomed that examine the large-scale and systemic forces that threaten public education and explore alternatives to current theories and practices at the level of both pedagogy and public policy.

Empire: Because of problematic and persistent discourses of nativism and race, empire is an especially neglected subject in progressive British Columbian thought. Yet Vancouver is uniquely positioned at the confluence between the US and Chinese imperial spheres and gains much of its economic dynamism from the mutual overlap of these two systems. Articles are welcomed that engage with empire in comparative context from the Ancient world up to the present.

Los Altos’ publication arm is a quasi-peer reviewed enterprise administered by a multi-disciplinary academic board of scholars in the humanities and social sciences and welcomes submissions from all interested persons, irrespective of ideology or formal educational achievement. Submissions should be six to twenty-five pages in length, double-spaced, in Times New Roman twelve-point font, with one-inch margins, with citations in Chicago Manual of Style footnote format.

The full text of our first call for papers is available here: Los Altos CFP