Journal Staff

Theo Wiersma
Copy co-editor

Theo is an internet polymath, having done web software development, interface design, server administration, marketing and communications, copy writing/editing and human resources. Non-technical endevours include stage and TV acting (including three years with the Broadway Chorus).

Theo is currently serving as technology officer on the Advisory Board of every WOMAN Events and developing and overseeing CRM and Invoicing software for international contractor billing services.

Jeff Ranger
Copy co-editor

Jeff, a college instructor in Vancouver, has worked as a hair dresser, game designer and technical writer. Respected in the game publishing field, Jeff helped to create and served as a longtime judge for the Gen Con role-playing game awards, the largest, most prestigious awards organization in the field. Jeff resides in New Westminster with his wife and two daughters.

Eileen Wennekers

Other Journal Staff

Alejandra Bronfman, Reviewer
Latin American History, Latin American Studies, University of British Columbia profile

Matt Carson, Reviewer
Philosophy, Antioch College

Alec Dawson, Reviewer
Latin American History, Latin American Studies, Simon Fraser University

Matt Fodor, Reviewer
Political Science,

Pam Malins, Reviewer
Education, University of Western Ontario

Carolyn Newell, Reviewer
Education, University of Melbourne

Miles Powell, Reviewer
US History, Environmental History, Simon Fraser University

Laura Sutula, Copy Editing Assistant

Don Todd, Reviewer – Philosophy