Our Fellows

Los Altos has awarded fellowships to the following distinguished members:

Nick de Domenico

A former insurance adjuster, Nick is a professional mediator based in Vancouver, BC. His mediation service is the second successful business he has started, the previous being a medium-sized insurance adjusting firm. A recognized leader and consensus builder in his fields, Nick has served on the board of both the BC Association of Insurance Adjusters and the self-governing body for BC’s mediators. His diverse record of volunteer work includes lengthy commitments to Big Brothers Association and Union Gospel Mission. His work as a 2012-13 fellow is specifically focused on exploring alternatives to the Drug War in British Columbia.

Philip Freeman

Philip holds a Masters Degree in theoretical physics and teaches grade eleven and twelve physics and philosophy for the International Baccalaureate Program at Richmond Senior Secondary school. A leader in science education, he has been honoured for his teaching work by Ontario’s Perimeter Institute, UBC’s TRIUMF nuclear research facility and the BC Association of Physics Educators, for whom he has served in a variety of board of directors positions, including president. A longtime elder in his church, Vancouver Central Presbyterian, Philip resides in Richmond with his partner, near his two grown children.

Sean Spence

Sean Spence attended Williams College and resides in Flint, Michigan with his wife and three daughters where he works as a waiter and freelance writer.

Living in Flint, the setting of Michael Moore’s first firm, Roger and Me, he has experienced, firsthand, the devastation wrought upon communities by the forces of globalization and corporate capitalism, changes, exemplified by the state’s recent passage of “right to work” legislation, changes that have accelerated since the election of the state’s first Tea Party governor, Rick Snyder in 2010. A former journalist, Sean was named Best in State for by the Associated Press and HSPA for his sports writing in 1992-4; more recently, his work has been featured in online collections by runofplay.com and Grantland.com.

Michael Demers

Eileen Wennekers